While at CCP, I was part of the small team responsible for the “Sansha Reborn” live events that took place in 2011 and 2012 during the Incursion expansion. Here are two clips from an dev blog I did about them.

Online: Incursion Devblog #15 – Why Sansha?

Online: Incursion Devblog #16 – Live Events

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to speak at several conferences during my career. Turns out I really like sitting behind long tables with other game industry nerds.

Writing for Video Games at MomoCon 2016



Truly Great Level Design at SIEGE 2015


Writing for Video Games at MomoCon 2015


Writing for Games at SIEGE 2014


Live Events Panel at EVE Online Fanfest 2011


Content Panel at EVE Online Fanfest 2011


EVE Online CCP Q&A at DragonCon 2011