Level Design

For doing level design, my engines of choice are UDK (Unreal 3), Unreal 4, and Unity.

My Guest List project for Shadowrun Returns shows up in the creative writing section because I did it mostly to tell a story, but it has some fun level design elements as well. There’s a series of unique locations, some procedural design, and extensive scripting at work. Check it out!


It wasn’t until my second game industry job at Hi-Rez Studios that I really got into level design, creating all sorts of maps for Global Agenda.

Global Agenda

Tutorial 3 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 1 Oasis Checkpoint 3 Oasis Checkpoint 2 Oasis Checkpoint 1


Though I started off as a writer at CCP Games, I was asked to help out with level design as well, eventually contributing maps to the Incarna expansion for EVE Onlineworked briefly on Dust 514, and helped build a procedural city building system for World of Darkness.

EVE Online

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar

Dust 514


World of Darkness

WoD5 WoD4 WoD3 WoD2 WoD1

While at Handyman Studios, I built some of the only static levels in Edge of Space, which is otherwise an entirely procedural exploration game.

Edge of Space

5 4 3 2 Tutorial 1