Level Design

For doing level design, my engines of choice are UDK (Unreal 3), Unreal 4, and Unity.

It wasn’t until my second game industry job at Hi-Rez Studios that I really got into level design, creating all sorts of maps for Global Agenda.

Global Agenda

Tutorial 3 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 1 Oasis Checkpoint 3 Oasis Checkpoint 2 Oasis Checkpoint 1


Though I started off as a writer at CCP Games, I was asked to help out with level design as well, eventually contributing maps to the Incarna expansion for EVE Onlineworked briefly on Dust 514, and helped build a procedural city building system for World of Darkness.

EVE Online

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar

Dust 514


World of Darkness

WoD5 WoD4 WoD3 WoD2 WoD1

While at Handyman Studios, I built some of the only static levels in Edge of Space, which is otherwise an entirely procedural exploration game.

Edge of Space

5 4 3 2 Tutorial 1