At any given time, I’m probably working on a variety of projects, both professionally and as a hobbyist.

5th Edition D&D Archetypes

While stuck at home, I’ve had a lot of spare time to work on my own projects, including this list of archetypes for every class in 5th Edition D&D.

Also, here’s a weird one: Warlock Patron – The Free Market.


This is just a little RPG project I made in less than a day, a Frankenstein’s monster made from the sewn-together bits of similar titles including Lasers & Feelings, Never Tell Me The Odds, and and Freeform Universal.


Here’s a basic RPG system adaptable to almost any setting! It’s perfect for one-shots and short campaigns, allowing groups to dive right in with minimal preparation.

D6 Dungeons

Over the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been putting together some ideas for a quick, simple RPG intended for newer or younger gamers. There are a lot of kids out there who might love role-playing games, but find all the current and previous editions of D&D too complicated, so I’m hoping to play it with my kids when they’re old enough. You can check out the wiki and post any feedback you have on the subreddit. Here is a PDF version.

The Knaack Hack

Here’s my stab at an OSR RPG, one that combines my favorite parts of every edition of D&D along with some streamlining and modernization.


In my spare time, I also enjoy hacking various RPG systems. Here are a couple based on Lasers & Feelings:

Instinct & Evolution

Blood & Chrome

Blood & Chrome (revised)

Quickdraws & Longshots

Hey look, the awesome gang at Tempting Fate played Blood & Chrome!

Binary Spark Studios

Several former CCP employees got together and created a startup in Atlanta and they asked me to come aboard to help with writing and game design. We had a few projects in the works, including a story-driven classic adventure game called Nearest Future and Dungeoneers of Highwatch.

Pathfinder Expanded Classes

As a lifelong tabletop gamer and huge fan of the Pathfinder RPG, I decided to try my hand at making a supplement of ten new classes for the game.

Adventurer Starter Class

Here’s a quick and easy way to get new players started in Pathfinder.

The Courtier

I make a new version of this for every fantasy RPG I play. This one is for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. If you like swashbuckling and witty repartee, this is the class for you!


I had the great pleasure of working with some really talented people at Dog Day Digital on the Storyverse project, a mobile app full of interactive stories for children. One of their first titles is Knoble Knight and the Perfect Snowflake, for which I provided the story and initial level design blockout.

Snowflake 1 Snowflake 2