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MomoCon 2016

If you’re interested in learning about writing for video games and you’re in the Atlanta area on Friday, May 27th, come see us at MomoCon! I’ll be speaking on a panel at 10:00am in room A-404-405 with a few other game industry veterans.

To be quite honest, we usually start out with a positive message about how to write good fiction for video games, but these things almost always devolve into trading horror stories from our time in the business. So, you’ll probably learn a few things but, for those of you hoping to get into making games someday, you’ll might just begin to question that goal.

The one thing I can promise, however, is that it’s going to be a lot of fun! See you all at MomoCon!

SIEGE 2015

If you’re in the Atlanta area in early October and you’re at all interested in video games, you should stop by SIEGE 2015! I’ll be speaking on a panel about level design on Saturday, October 10th, from 2-3pm. There’s a lot to do at this convention and it’s gotten progressively bigger and better every year!